Beard Maintenance

7 Tips & Tricks To Maintain & Grow A Healthy Beard


Why is it important to maintain a healthy beard ?

A healthy beard can prevent skin irritation, promote a youthful and attractive appearance, reduces dandruff and benefits one’s self confidence. 

The team at Rogue Barbershop have over 30 years experience and we are often asked by our customers, how to maintain and grow a healthy beard. So we decided to compile a list of the top 7 Tips & Tricks on how to do so.

1 - Keep it clean: This should go without saying but you’ll be surprised at how many people don’t actually wash their beard. Regular washing helps prevent dryness and skin irritation.

2 - Trim and shape it: Keeping your beard trimmed to your desired length will enhance the natural shape of your face, as well as preventing split ends.

3 - Use a beard oil: Using a beard oil like Jonny Wild ( in house product) helps to moisturise the skin underneath and the hair, making it look much healthier and gives a sleek shine. We recommend using beard oil after your shower when the hair and skin is still damp, this will lock in maximum moisture and prevent moisture being taken from your skin which causes dry itchiness. 

4 -  Comb it daily: Brush or combing your beard helps to distribute oils, avoids tangling and maintains its shape

5 - Avoid harsh products: Harsh shampoos, conditioners or styling products can damage the beard and skin so choose products specifically designed for beards such as Jonny WildJonny Wild is made of 100% natural ingredients and is locally produced

6 - Eat a healthy diet: A balanced diet with vitamins, minerals and protein is essential for a healthy beard.

7 - Be patient: Allow your beard time to grow and avoid the urge to trim too often or too much. Beards generally look patchy during the early stages of growth.


If you’d like more help with your beard and hair grooming, book an appointment with one of our master Barbers. We are conveniently  located in HomeCo Upper Coomera on the Gold Coast or you can follow the link provided below


Thank you for taking the time to read our tips and tricks. From the team at Rogue Barbershop we hope that these 7 tips will help you with your beard growth.